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Mikomax Smart Office is a Polish family business founded in 1991, which aims to change the world of work for the better.

It collaborates with clients from all over the world, carefully monitoring their needs and expectations. Based on this knowledge and its many years' experience, the company provides flexible, innovative and user-friendly solutions. It designs ergonomic and practical work spaces and believes that a well-planned office can have a positive impact on the employees' well-being and efficiency. Mikomax Smart Office is one of the most popular domestic manufacturers of office equipment and acoustic cubicles. Excellent design, superior acoustics and extremely robust workmanship make our solutions widely acknowledged.

Mikomax solutions include acoustic cubicles which provide independent spaces for telephone conversations, confidential meetings and hard work, as well as office equipment including furniture: tables, sofas, desks and modular systems. All projects are developed in line with the smart office approach - with the help of the latest know-how on work methods and interior design, craftsmen and designers can create ergonomic, wearable and visually appealing products.


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