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GSK Tech Poznań part II

Second and  third floors of Business Garden Poznań are our next project for GSK. We are always happy to co-operate with them, because they use the smart working model of work. This, in turn, lets us design creative and  varied office space. The interior design was done by TP Bennett design studio from London, while our team brought it to life.

The created interiors were the answer to various requirements and working styles of GSK's team. There is a roomy open space here, with carefully planned acoustic elements, that allows employees to freely pick their workstations. Quiet rooms facilitate privacy for telephone conversations and video calls. Numerous design work rooms create space for meetings and teamwork. Colourful and varied common areas stimulate creativity and help relaxation with their swings, rocking chairs and plentiful greenery.

Each zone has a different colour scheme, as well as different furniture and solutions. For example, one of the zones looks like a garden inside the office - green colours, swings, grass-like carpet and much greenery on Para  Vert flowerbeds.

Big, open spaces and various working styles made it necessary to ensure acoustic comfort. This is why we used brands like Abstracta, Vescom and Fluffo - acoustic panels, mobile screens, soundproofed carpets and curtains.

Each floor had a big canteen with round tables, Nest stools and high tables by +halle, and kitchen island. Canteens have unique light fixtures with bamboo lampshades, and greenery on the ceiling.

GSK Tech's interiors connect design with comfort and ergonomics. Distinct features of respective zones could be achieved thanks to a wide variety of products and brands. Among them are world-class brands like Blå Station, Vitra, +Halle, Johanson Design, Magis, BuzziSpace, Cascando, Kettal, and many others, like the representative of Polish design, a swing by Iwona Kosicka.

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