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For Hitachi we designed and furnished 720 square meters of office space for over 100 people. While working on this project,  we put much emphasis on design, comfort, ergonomics and spatial order. The distinguishing feature of these interiors are custom decals and wallpapers.

Open space is equipped with modular workstations. At the end of each module there are  acoustic booths,     lockers and filing cabinets to meet the requirements of space arrangement. Filing cabinets are capped with  flower pots, introducing greenery in the office. All pots are of the same height to maintain visual order.

Acoustic  screens  separate different zones and enhance work comfort. Chamber meetings and phone calls can be conducted in acoustic booths, without  causing disruption for the rest of the team.

The following products were used: Flexido desks, Humanscale Liberty task chairs,  Hush Meet S acoustic booths, Oyster armchairs, 366 armchairs, Iker Chesterfield sofas, solid wood top conference tables, LD  Seating Flexi chairs, Lumi chairs.

The scope of our work was to design and furnish open space, formal and informal meeting  rooms, kitchen and canteen, acoustic elements and booths. We also supplier custom wallpapers and decals.

720 square  metres    
107 workstations    
Design: Klaudia Wilczńska    
January 2020

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