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John Deere

We implemented this 120-workstation project for one of the biggest manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Some of their offices are in Business Garden in Poznań.

The project included fitting all desks with electric height adjustment, as well as suspended acoustic panels and cable trays.  Ergonomic task chairs by the Polish producer Vank provide work comfort. Employees have at their  disposal lockers with combination locks.

In order to lower the noise levels in open spaces, a separated area containing printers and other office devices has been created. On the outside it is upholstered with the same fabric as sofas and ottomans in the guest area. The office was also outfitted with a Vank acoustic booth which provides a truly intimate environment for a phone call.

For John Deere, photo murals are an important ingredient of office decoration, because they highlight the company's profile, and constitute a perfect backdrop for furniture. We also supplied a custom map decal that shows the company's global reach.

The heart of the office is the conference room that can be divided into two smaller rooms. Each room has a table, comfortable chairs and screens. In other parts of the office, employees have at their disposal smaller meeting rooms with glass walls. They are for less formal meetings, or work that requires total silence and focus.

We used the following brands: Vank task chairs and sofas, Vank_Mello acoustic booth, HOOF electric desks, Italy's Mara conference tables, Narbutas acoustic screens for desks.

Over 120 workstation
November 2020
Design: Tekktura
Photos: Fotomohito

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