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The process of creating a comfortable space for 100 people requires much deliberation - carefully planned project and meticulously selected comfortable and durable furniture. Such a project for Oxylion was done by Pracownia Projektowa  Sucharski, and we were tasked with bringing it to life.

Our main task was equipping open space with workstations. With many employees around, acoustics are the crucial factor. This is why we used acoustic screens between desks. Over the lockers we used Abstracta acoustic elements, which also served as separators between working space and aisles.

For comfortable phone calls and small informal meetings, we placed Mikomax Hush acoustic booths next to rows of desks. They ensure privacy and quiet for co-workers.

The offices have relaxation zones. Very comfortable high archmairs invite people for a bit of a rest with a cup of delicious coffee or tea.

The following brands were used: Mikomax Flexido D desks, Hush Meet Open acoustic booths, Vank upholstered screens, Mikomax Multi lockers and Abstracta acoustic solutions.

1174  square metres    
Over 100 workstations
Design: Pracownia Projektowa Sucharski
May 2017

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