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SWPS Rotunda
The project of SWPS Campus rotunda in Poznań is a combination of functionality, comfort and modern approach to the learning process. Due to cooperation based on the agile model, we have combined expectations of students, academic and administrative staff regarding the space with the possibilities and furniture solutions offered by Polish manufacturers.

The assumption of the project was to create a space that combines the biophilic design trend and the function of easy arrangement of zones for a nursing mother, computer workstation, discussions in a wider group, or silence and concentration before the exam. Due to the love of art of the University owners and the presence of a sculpture by Magdalena Abakanowicz, we decided to apply the concept of a park arrangement and the use of furniture solutions that would resemble the park area.

In the project, the vast majority of furniture was used from the Polish manufacturer Bejot, also due to the high acoustic properties, which additionally silenced the rotunda. For a nursing mother, we have proposed the Vieni rocking chair. To enhance the process of silence and concentration, we set up the Social Swing by Polish designer Maciej Karpiak. The Leaf system by Dymitr Malcew plays it’s role in the zones for working in silence and concentration. In addition, acoustic leaves, with their colors and shape strongly refer to the park landscape, allow the users to shape this space according to their needs.

As part of the project, we made a social room for employees and also here, in order to optimally use the space, we designed seats with boxes for storage and glass boards that favor informal communication.

The conference room, apart from the use of acoustic solutions, has been equipped with mobile tables, thanks to which employees can adapt the space to their current needs (larger meetings or smaller work teams).

October 2021
Design: HOOF
Photos: Kuba Kępiński kepinscy.com

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