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HOOF Cracow

Zabłocie Concept House
Ślusarska 6 C
30-710 Cracow

tel.: +48 607 233 059

Hoof's Kraków showroom is located in the modern Zabłocie Concept House. Innovation and creative approach to projects    are the distinguishing features of our Kraków team. An office has employees, but a well-designed office has a team.

Come visit  our HOOF showroom in Kraków. Our products and services are available all over  the country, and the Kraków showroom is one of the places where you can see with your own eyes what an exceptional offer we created.  All you need to do is talk with us about your needs and expectations. We will start on a project of unique office space, where your  people will feel free, and all their activities will  be performed effectively and with pleasure. It's a good moment to visit  our showroom in Kraków to see our range of office furniture and other functional interior design solutions and find out what will work best in your office. You can enjoy the full support, expert knowledge and longtime experience of our specialists at every stage of the purchasing and designing process.

Our space.

Our showroom in Kraków has been open for a few years, but in the spring of 2019  it was re-opened at a new address the modern Zabłocie Concept House. Its modern space works great as a place to display our products, and to organize meetings and events. What works to the showroom's advantage is its location - close to important cultural spots like Mocak, Cricoteka and Schindler's factory. Despite the attractive location, our clients need not worry about parking space - we have spots especially for them.


Our portfolio includes projects like GrandParade, Grape Up, Hitachi, Luxoft and  Pegasystems.

Our team.

Our experts in Kraków are open to new solutions and technologies, and eagerly  implement innovative ideas. Apart from design, they put great emphasis on functionality and ergonomics.

Michał Nowak

Managing Director
+48 607 233 828

Monika Bartel

Project Manager
+48 669 233 778

Łukasz Toczek

Project Manager
+48 607 233 714

Jacek Wójciak

Project Manager
+48 607 233 715

Adam Strassberger

Project Manager
+48 607 233 665

Magdalena Nega

Project Coordinator
+48 607 233 215

Marzena Wesołowska

Project Coordinator
+48 607 233 059

Klaudia Wilczyńska


Dominika Rek


Angelika Palczewska

Office Assistant
+48 607 233 827

Aleksandra Zięba

Administration and Logistics Manager
+48 607 233 716
Prezes Zarządu Starego Browaru

Magdalena Kowalak

Realizacje, które byłyby pozbawione wyzwań, odważnych decyzji czy trudnych rozmów… nie istnieją. Dlatego kluczowe jest wzajemne zrozumienie ról i potrzeb w trójkącie: inwestor, architekt, wykonawca. Jakie warunki sprzyjają dobrej współpracy?

Prezes Zarządu Starego Browaru

Joanna Michalak

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