HOOF Poznan

Obornicka 245
60-693 Poznań

tel.: +48 607 590 816
email: poznan@hoof.pl

The  showroom in Poznan was our first - it all started there. Today, it's a place  where the experienced team with a big portfolio has the  latest solutions and a wide range of products at their disposal.

Poznań Showroom is a meeting place. It has over 300 sqm of showroom space, ensuring a comfortable environment in which our guests can see and test our products. As for architects, we provide them with all kinds of support: product and usage advice, technical support and product samples. Our product managers are happy to tell you about our latest products, show you our samples and catalogues, all that over a cup of tea or coffee. It's a good moment to visit our showroom in Poznan to see our range of office  furniture and other functional interior design solutions. Our showroom gets regular  upgrades, merging the latest collections with classic products. Our specialist await your contact - all you need to do is show us your needs when it comes to arranging  large spaces. We will cooperate with you to create a project in which design  will meet ergonomics and functionality, a project that will meet your team's requirements.  Come visit us at Obornicka Street, the place where the story of Hoof has  started. Enter the world of world class design, find inspiration and enjoy our  comprehensive support, vast experience, and the limitless resources of our  experts' creativity.

Our Space.

Large,  colourful space is a perfect place to display the products and solutions of our top partners - brands like Vitra, Mikomax Smart Office, B&T, +Halle, Profim, or Modulyss floor coverings. You can find numerous comfortable spots to have a meeting at. The swing, designed by Iwona Kosicka, will kindle your creativity.  Hush acoustic booth will let you test meetings and phone calls in a quiet,  comfy environment. At the Vitra corner you can  recline on their legendary furniture.


We are  proud of projects like Netguru, Hama, Daikin and Oxylion. We cover the northern regions  of Poland, all the while carefully listening to the needs of our clients.

Our team.

The best  reasons to work with are our expert knowledge, and the immense experience of our team, experience acquired while working on a variety of projects. These things are a guarantee of safety and quality for our clients - we carry out our projects from start  to finish, step by step, all the while adjusting to the needs of our clients.

Teodor Barciński

Managing Director

Marek Rzeźniczek

Managing Director Gorzów Wlkp.
+48 601 718 574

Maciej Walczowski

Project Director
+48 607 233 764

Aleksandra Szutarska

Project Manager
+48 601 797 604

Jarosław Graś

Project Manager
+48 661 090 909

Agnieszka Michalak

Project Manager
+48 691 476 042

Rafał Kałek

Project Coordinator
+48 693 140 808

Monika Majchrzycka

Project Coordinator
+48 603 120 731

Katarzyna Rut


Anna Talarczyk

Sales Assistant
+48 607 590 816

Maria Łuczak

Logistics Manager

Paulina Pipowska

Logistic Manager
+48 603 506 526

Katarzyna Salamonik-Zakrzewska

Marketing Director
+48 601 888 249
Prezes Zarządu Starego Browaru

Magdalena Kowalak

Realizacje, które byłyby pozbawione wyzwań, odważnych decyzji czy trudnych rozmów… nie istnieją. Dlatego kluczowe jest wzajemne zrozumienie ról i potrzeb w trójkącie: inwestor, architekt, wykonawca. Jakie warunki sprzyjają dobrej współpracy?

Prezes Zarządu Starego Browaru

Joanna Michalak

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