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HOOF Gdańsk

BraBank Apartamenty
ul. Stara Stocznia 8/7
80-862 Gdańsk

tel.: +48 607 233 103

Get in touch with our expert in Warsaw today. Visit our sales office to see our  projects: office space, commercial and public areas. Projects that we have realized with ingenuity and passion for almost 30  years.

You will  get to know our offer, comprised of top domestic and world brands like VITRA,  ACTIU, MAGIS, WIESNER-HAGER, PROSTORIA and many others. We value quality and unconventional design and that is why, co-operating with our designers, we will help you create space that will be functional in terms of ergonomics, employees' efficiency and work quality, and the same time will ooze  the atmosphere of teamwork and creativity.

Our work  is based on the latest market trends. We impart to our clients the knowledge  of acoustic solutions in order to make sure that their employees enjoy a comfortable working environment. We are inspired by biophilic design which has a soothing effect on people, and simultaneously creates a wonderful ambiance. Our original, prosocial space arrangement solutions, properly selected soft seating and hybrid workstations boost the quality of communication.

We speak  the language of architects and designers and especially for them we prepared  an interesting  offer of HOT TRENDS, as well as support and help with projects, technical advice,  creating timetables and estimates, accompanied by a rich palette of samplers and inspirations; all that to facilitate the creation of a unique  project.


Our team.

It is a pleasure for us to share our knowledge, experience and ideas with our customers.

Teodor Barciński

Managing Director

Edyta Sobczyńska

Sales Director
+48 603 080 705

Maciej Walczowski

Project Director
+48 607 233 764

Abigail Monkiewicz

Project Manager
+48 603 121 439

Malwina Kruszewska

Project Coordinator
+48 695 916 405

Katarzyna Rut


Maria Łuczak

Logistics Manager
Prezes Zarządu Starego Browaru

Magdalena Kowalak

Realizacje, które byłyby pozbawione wyzwań, odważnych decyzji czy trudnych rozmów… nie istnieją. Dlatego kluczowe jest wzajemne zrozumienie ról i potrzeb w trójkącie: inwestor, architekt, wykonawca. Jakie warunki sprzyjają dobrej współpracy?

Prezes Zarządu Starego Browaru

Joanna Michalak

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