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HOOF Wroclaw

Lofty Platinum
Inowrocławska 21 B
53-653 Wrocław

tel.: +48 71 322 28 65 (66)

Hoof in  Wroclaw means experts with many years of experience and expert technical  knowledge. The showroom is in an atmospheric location - Lofty Platinum.

Thanks to  the extensive of experience amassed from various projects over the years, our  Wroclaw team perfectly understands the needs of our clients. They keep up to date with the  latest design trends and with product updates of our partners and suppliers.

Our space.

Hoof's  Wroclaw showroom is in Lofty Platinum - the building that won the prize for  the most prestigious development project in Poland in 2013, awarded by the expert from  The showroom's atmospheric, post-industrial space enhances the display of  products, and is a great place to organize cultural and business events.     On warm spring and summer days  you can enjoy a breath of fresh air on our own terrace. One of the events  that we organized was a book-signing event with Marek Krajewski, a  mystery writer and a lifelong Wroclaw denizen.


Our  portfolio boasts multiple unique projects, Ceneo, XL Catlin, Infor, TBSCG and  A+V, among others.

Our team.

Our  Wroclaw team includes experts with great knowledge and background in many fields: architectural, technical, economical and philological. We implement projects step by step, with great attention to detail. From the  initial idea to follow up customer service, our clients rest assured that their investment will be implemented according to the highest standards.

Grzegorz Kitłowski

Managing Director

Beata Suścicka

Architects' Market Manager
+48 601 575 794

Magdalena Kitłowska

Project Manager
+48 601 575 204

Andrzej Ambrozik

Project Manager
+48 601 578 735

Krzysztof Fedoryszyn

Project Manager
+48 603 575 771

Daniel Pawłowski

Project Manager
+48 693 575 599

Wojciech Tomczyk

Project Manager
+48 609 445 233

Michał Urbaniak

Project Manager
+48 607 233 282

Kamila Dunaj

Project Coordinator
+48 607 233 110

Monika Krawczyk


Adriana Imielska

Office Coordinator
+48 607 233 214

Beata Serafin

Logistics Manager
+48 693 285 886
Prezes Zarządu Starego Browaru

Magdalena Kowalak

Realizacje, które byłyby pozbawione wyzwań, odważnych decyzji czy trudnych rozmów… nie istnieją. Dlatego kluczowe jest wzajemne zrozumienie ról i potrzeb w trójkącie: inwestor, architekt, wykonawca. Jakie warunki sprzyjają dobrej współpracy?

Prezes Zarządu Starego Browaru

Joanna Michalak

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