For the architect

We invite collaborations or are invited by creative architects ourselves. Relying on their talent, we bring to life spaces with unique aesthetic and functional solutions.

For the architect
For the architect

Our showrooms in Poznań, Wrocław, Kraków and Gdańsk are places to meet designers and business customers. Using the exhibition, we can show and discuss specific solutions and products, as well as new additions to our range.

In the showrooms, we have a wide range of materials at our disposal - patterns and catalogues from our suppliers in Poland and Europe. Over a good cup of coffee, you can browse the range of dozens of brands such as Narbutas, Rockfon, Shaw Contract, Haworth, B&T, Softline, Wiesner-Hager, Prostoria and Comforty. Our experience and extensive product portfolio allow us to bring the most unusual ideas to life.

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