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Effective management of office space.

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Our new remote desk reservation system will increase the efficiency of office space usage and make sure that your employees work safely and flexibly.

Our original application will:
  • Let employees preview desk availability and make a remote reservation within 30 seconds.
  • Let HR and facility management departments quickly access the analytics of office space usage
  • Let department managers create team work zones and plan department work
  • Let cleaning crews quickly access desk occupancy reports before performing disinfection


  • increasing efficiency of office space usage
  • optimizing office maintenance expenses
  • increasing office capacity thanks to desk sharing
  • higher work efficiency and better time management


  • desk reservation from any device, without the need to install an application
  • remote access to the system from any place, any time
  • easy, intuitive interface
  • creating individual and team work plans


  • The availability of select desks can be blocked following the recommendations introduces due to the Covid pandemic
  • If there is a suspicion that one of the employees is ill, you can verify who worked where and when.
Grzegorz Kitłowski
Managing Director
HOOF Wrocław
numer telefonu
adres e-mail
Łukasz Toczek
Project Coordinator
HOOF Kraków
+48 607 233 714
Magdalena Duszczyńska-Małolepsza
Project Manager
HOOF Warszawa
+48 695 916 405 
Piotr Maj
Product Manager
HOOF Poznań
+48 601 141 768

We cover the whole country. Contact us to find out about the full range of advantages that +space offers

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